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The Benefits of Prerolls: Convenience, Quality, and More

Written by Ben Anderson on February 13, 2024

Rolling the perfect joint comes down to personal preference. The beauty of rolling your own is that you get to roll it how you like it, not to mention there's a certain pride to be had in a joint well-rolled. Unfortunately, depending on the situation, taking the time to roll a joint isn't always the best idea and is often far from ideal.

Prerolls, on the other hand, are much easier to light up wherever and whenever the mood takes you. Read on to find out exactly why the convenience of prerolls is hard to beat.

Don't Hate, Reconciliate

The ritual of rolling our own joints is enjoyable and a process that's ultimately never going away. It's an integral part of the weed-smoking experience, the replacement of which is enough to make many of us shy away from the idea of purchasing pre-rolled joints altogether. The thought may even be sacrilege to some die-hard weed aficionados, but when it comes to anything people get enthusiastic about, elitism is often lurking around the corner.

The scenario of being sneered at for pulling a preroll out of your pocket might cross your mind, but there's nothing to it. In fact, disregarding unnecessary negative vibes is part of the point of sparking a joint in the first place, so don't let Weed Karen stop you from enjoying yourself. The benefits of prerolls are undeniable, even if some might argue blasphemy in an attempt to establish their weed-based seniority over you.

"Back in my day-," No. None of that, Karen, thanks.

We've all run afoul of these people at some point, and it's tiring. It's moments like these that are perfect to light a preroll in quiet contemplation of the strange, pointless jostling for position many people so faithfully subscribe to in all walks of life. The look of contempt on their faces ought to make it taste all the sweeter when you think about it.

The Benefits of Prerolls

The benefits of cannabis pre-rolls effectively diminish or outright remove many of the annoyances and inconveniences of rolling your own. To start with, the many accouterments involved with the process of rolling a joint take up a lot of space, far more than you can simply shove into your pocket at a moment's notice. If your only plan is a short trip to the store, a walk in the park, or meeting a friend for a coffee, the last thing you want to do is gather everything you need in case you fancy a smoke.

Rolling papers, a grinder, your filters... it all adds up, and carrying a bag of weed around is usually a bad idea; even in states where smoking is legal, a baggie still seems to portray an air of delinquency best avoided. It's also a far more enjoyable experience to go about your day without having to worry about stashing various pieces of paraphernalia about your person, or worse, wandering off and leaving them behind you by mistake.

Prerolls afford a level of effortless convenience that rolling your own simply doesn't. It's so easy to grab a packet of perfectly rolled joints and a lighter and leave it at that. Suddenly the ability to enjoy a smoke becomes possible at the drop of a hat, rather than having to indulge in the usual intricate rigamarole.

Reliable Information

If we're being honest with ourselves, the chances of us actually knowing what kind of weed we're usually smoking is pretty slim, despite our dealer assuring us that what we're being given is, in fact, "Cosmic Moondog." Unless your flowers are bought from a reputable and reliable source, such as a medical marijuana dispensary that has to adhere to strict regulations, there's simply no telling.

Because of this, black-market weed is always something of a gamble. Weight, quality, and frequency of seeds and stems are all part of an experience many of us have learned to simply put up with. This isn't the case with a regulated product, and to the uninitiated, you may well be shocked at what the weed bought from a legitimate source looks like.

Not only is every flower uncrushed, perfectly cured, and immaculately manicured, but there's usually a menu of them to choose from, including their effects, origin, and THC to CBD ratio. The first time a lifelong questionably sourced weed smoker enters the world of legitimate flowers is a rite of passage, to say the least.

The feeling is akin to being a kid in a candy store. The effect you're looking for from your weed is suddenly as easy as consulting a beautifully designed catalog. Brands, effects, genetics, and types of flowers containing specific cannabinoids are all displayed to be perused at your leisure.

The rabbit hole continues further than flowers, too. If you're more of a vape person, there's also a huge variety of cannabis vapes to choose from. They even have varying levels of THC content to ensure you're able to find exactly the high you're looking for.

No Looking Back

Once you're experienced with the variety and quality of all the preroll options available, it's hard to forget, so be careful. This is Morpheus's green pill, and once swallowed, you're firmly in the land of accurately priced, weighed, and delightfully packaged products for the rest of your life. There's no return to ditch weed once you've spent some time in the promised land.

Well, never say never, but you'll be cursed with the knowledge of what a good smoke actually is forever more. They say ignorance is bliss, but in this case, we heartily recommend a trip abroad to the land of the real, at least once-you won't regret it!


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