We take pride in sourcing the highest quality cannabis accessories from the best brands in California and offering them to you at fair prices along with the best customer service and fastest cannabis delivery times imaginable. That goes for all the cannabis smoking and vaping accessories we offer – whether you need a new vape battery or extra rolling papers, you can find it here. Our priority is providing a high quality cannabis delivery experience like you have never had. No need to stress about driving to the nearest dispensary, order what you need today!

$15.00·One Battery with USB charger
$0.01·One Battery with USB charger
$4.00·1 Unit
$15.00·12 fl oz. Bottle
$25.00·11" x 7" Rolling Tray
$4.00·50 Papers w/ Tips
$5.00·32 Rolling Papers & Tips
$20.00·One Battery with USB charger

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What good is cannabis without the necessary accessories? To properly enjoy your cannabis, you need the right tools. At HERB, we offer a wide range of cannabis vaping and smoking accessories, so you can find the perfect one for you. Need a new grinder? Lost your pipe? What about redness relief eye drops? We have you covered with this wide selection of premium accessories.

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Since 2014, we have been providing our customers with an unrivaled experience. Whether you are shopping for your own fun or for medical reasons, explore our diverse selection of cannabis and accessories to fit all your needs. Your order will be delivered in less than an hour. Have any questions? Contact us and speak to one of our expert representatives now!

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