Cannabis pre-roll singles make life a little easier by cutting out the heavy lifting. No need to grind flower or roll your own joints—our pre-rolls are hand-selected to create one of the finest pre-roll collections anywhere. Check out our extensive selection to find the product that fits your needs.

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We have a huge selection of cannabis pre-rolls including indicas, sativas, and hybrid blends. Our products are sourced from some of the best brands in the industry at the best prices on the market, so you get incredible quality at an incredible value. Plus, with single pre-rolls, you don’t have to worry about having too much or getting bored—buy what you need, or mix and match brands to try new strains, flavors, and even different cannabinoids like CBD.

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A Premium Shopping Experience

Buying cannabis pre-rolls online is easy with HERB! Signing up for an account takes less than one minute, and when you join our loyalty program, you’ll get $20 off your first order plus 3% cash back on all purchases. We offer opportunities for additional savings, as well—you can even get a $10 off coupon just by leaving an honest review.

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