Dosist Pods

The dosist controller is the rechargeable battery element of the dosist vape pen system. These dosist pens work exclusively with dosist formula pods to vaporize a precise and consistent amount of oil each time they’re inhaled. It’s a custom built unit using an intelligent microcontroller unit which allows for precise dose control. The dosist pods are available in 200 doses/500 mg and are sustainable and flexible. The pen automatically vibrates once you inhale the allotted dose and then automatically shuts off.

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Innovative Technology

The dosist pen contains a battery which accelerates a small heating component converting the oil inside into vapor to be inhaled. Created with innovative technology, the sleekly designed dosist vape pen controller is flexible and safe. It delivers the precise dosage of 2.5/500 mg in an effective and risk-free manner with the desired effect. dosist pens are beginner friendly and are undeniably convenient. They’re great for hang-outs with friends, self care retreats or other adventurous activities. The dosist pens are made with the best quality materials and are contaminant free so you never have to worry about safety.

The HERB Mission

Founded in 2014, we believe that cannabis consumers deserve superior customer service and quality offerings. From pre-rolls to dosist pens, HERB offers exceptional cannabis products for the discerning consumer. We source the best quality products from the most trustworthy cannabis producers in California. All while offering them to you at fair prices. We make sure all of our products are free from pesticides, mold and heavy metals. All the products we offer are chemically analyzed to ensure you get the high quality product you deserve.

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