Hash + Rosin

One of the oldest and purest substances derived from the cannabis plant is hash (or hashish). The existence of hash was recorded as far back as 1000 AD in Ancient Persia, mentioned in the text One Thousand and One Nights. At HERB, we offer a huge selection of concentrated hash products including bubble hash, full melt hash, and temple ball hash.

What Is Cannabis Hash?

Hash is a cannabis concentrate made of cannabis resin glands known as trichomes. Trichomes appear as fine, hair-like growths on cannabis flower, and are compressed or purified to create potent hashish. This product can then be smoked on its own, smoked with flower, dabbed, or even ingested. Either way, you’re getting an intense experience with products from some of the best brands in California.

Enjoy full melt, bubble hash, and temple ball hash with full guarantees on all products and low delivery minimums. Order now and pay with cash, credit, or debit upon arrival.

Experience the HERB Difference

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