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What is the best edible for sleep in 2024? Check out this article to find out about the best edible for helping you get a great night's sleep.
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What Is the Best Edible for Sleep in 2024?

Written by Ben Anderson on March 21, 2024

Having trouble getting to sleep impacts the rest of our lives like nothing else. The quality and duration of the rest we get at night dictate the energy we have during the day, but it goes deeper than simply being bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Some studies suggest regularly getting less than six to eight hours may considerably reduce lifespan.

Most of us feel the truth of this intuitively from experience. Getting a restful night's sleep isn't as simple as going to bed at the right time, however. This is where finding the best edible for sleep can make all the difference.

If you're struggling to improve your sleep schedule and reap the benefits, we've got just the ticket. Read on to find out more.

Edibles for Sleeping

There are a great deal of options when it comes to medications to assist in falling asleep. For many of us though, we would rather not go down the pharmaceutical route. While prescription sleeping pills might seem like an ideal solution, delving into their side effects and various ingredients produces unsettling results.

When the idea is to improve our health and well-being, the last thing we want to do is disrupt our natural rhythms further with patented chemicals. So, instead of going down the designer medication route, it's probably a better idea to rely on a less heavy-handed solution. We should fall asleep by gentle increments, after all, rather than being knocked out.

Those of us who are wary of what we put into our bodies much prefer using what's naturally available for the effects we're looking for, just to be on the safe side. THC and CBD are both naturally occurring in our favorite plant, and just so happen to be a perfectly safe and effective sleep aid. Also, if you've been looking for the perfect excuse to get a little high before bedtime, you've found it!

Types of Edibles

Fortunately, the range of edibles available for sleep is extensive, so you'll be able to try a few to find what works best. Generally speaking though, some of the compounds found in cannabis are thought of as being more effective than others purely for use as a sleep aid. While THC is a firm favorite for many, it's not necessarily ideal in large quantities for getting to sleep due to its psychoactive properties.

Falling asleep requires us to drift off peacefully, and a mind racing with creative energy and profound thoughts isn't exactly ideal for achieving a restful state. THC as a compliment to CBD and CBN, on the other hand, works very well indeed. Many manufacturers of edibles have gone to great lengths to find optimal ratios for this exact reason.

Rather than mixing and matching different edibles yourself, you may find an off-the-shelf gummy to do the job perfectly. At the very least, you'll get a better idea of what works for you from trying out what's available. Part of the beauty of professionally made edibles is that there's no doubt about the dosages, which makes understanding the effects of each compound nice and straightforward.

That's not to say you shouldn't give making your own a try, of course. There's a lot to be said for homemade edibles, and making them yourself is all part of the fun. All you need are some high-quality flowers and a little know-how, and you're good to go.

Benefits of Edibles

Smoking a joint before bed is a time-honored tradition for many people who've found cannabis to be an excellent sleep aid. However, lighting a joint isn't always an option, depending on your current circumstances. Sparking up a joint in a hotel suite or your mother-in-law's guest bedroom might not be the best idea, for example.

This goes for any moment when you find yourself in need of the myriad benefits of Mary Jane, and would prefer not to announce the fact to the world with a plume of sweet-smelling smoke. With a tin of gummies on hand, it's the work of a moment to pop one in your mouth and go about your business. Part of the beauty of edibles is their ease of use and the fact they fly so easily under the radar.

Another is how clearly labeled they are, thanks to processing and manufacturing regulations. All store-bought edible options are created with a high degree of accuracy concerning their contents, so you always know the dose exactly. This peace of mind is important, as you don't want to overdo it if you're going to be needed in a meeting, or otherwise want to keep your wits about you.

The Best Edible for Sleep

Speaking of keeping our wits about us, CBD is the perfect option for anyone in need of a gentle pick-me-up. Rather than carefully considering how much THC is going to be optimal for the day or night ahead, dosing CBD is far more forgiving, as it has no psychoactive effect. This fact is far from making it useless, though, as an altered state of perception isn't always the answer.

If you prefer a more gentle calming of the mind and body, CBD edibles are the answer. They provide a general feeling of relaxation without the high, offering the perfect solution for a nighttime reprieve. There is a wide range of CBD-infused edibles containing no THC at all, making it an ideal sleep aid for anyone in need of a more subtle solution without any intoxication.

CBD is also available in tinctures, chocolates, drinks, and more, as are the other cannabinoids. Cannabis is the gift that keeps on giving, and figuring out how to make it work best for you is an enjoyable and rewarding process.


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