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Dab Day Gift Guide


National dab day is approaching and what better way to celebrate than by getting your favorite dab connoisseur the perfect gift? In this blog post, we will be presenting a comprehensive list of the best gifts to get a true dabber. More than likely your friend already has their go-to vape or dab rig, so get them their favorite type of cannabis concentrate instead! Whether you're looking for something full of flavor or power, we have you covered.

Live Resin

There’s no better way to get the highest amount of terpenes for your experience than with live resin. This type of cannabis concentrate undergoes subcritical temperatures before and during the extraction process, eliminating the need for drying and curing. 

Travelers will prefer the live resin vape sauce that fits conveniently into any storage container and contains some of the highest terpene content you’ll find. Each draw is filled with the original taste of the flower,which makes it a perfect choice for Dab Day.

For those that prefer the smoky and savory taste, live resin diamonds satisfy any craving. The THCa crystalline structure makes them stable and easy enough to handle without wanting to pull your hair out. 


Know someone that just isn’t feeling the effects of their dab dosage and needs something stronger? Crumble is the perfect gift for Dab Day because people love its unique texture and its high levels of THC. 

Crumble can be used in a ton of different ways so which type of crumble you end up getting will depend on the lifestyle you’re trying to match. You can use crumble to dab with a pen while traveling or you can have some at home with your flower. 

Badders are also a classic concentrate that have similar effects to crumble. The consistency will change with badders so you want to be prepared for a clean up after your session. 


Hash is one of the oldest types of cannabis concentrates and to this day continues to be a favorite of millions around the world–especially in locales where cannabis is still illegal–due to its discreet nature.

People looking for a terpene forward experience will appreciate bubble hash rosin. The freezing method used during the extraction process helps to keep the terpenes intact. The heat used during an extraction process will damage the terpenes causing a loss of flavor.

Those who prefer a more traditional method will enjoy the temple ball hash rosin that dates back hundreds of years. No chemicals are needed for this organic process so it’s one you’ll enjoy on Dab Day celebrating a history of dab culture. 

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Much like the other dab options on this list, sauce is a terpene-rich concentrate that is perfect for the dab lover who prefers its consistency a little more malleable. 

Sauce is a perfect type of cannabis concentrate for any dab lover on 7/10 because of its high terpene content and the amazing flower-like flavor it imparts. If you want to enjoy a delicious and potent dab, look no further than sauce.

You’ll get a ton of variety in sauce and yet the potency and the flavor is just as strong with every strain. It’s also known for being one of the stronger concentrates.


There aren’t many concentrates as potent and easy to handle as diamonds. When you want to give someone a gift they can get the most out of, this concentrate is your best option. 

The potent form is best for Dab Day because the cold extraction process helps keep the terpenes intact so you’ll get the best flavors with every pull. 

When you know a dabber who needs a little extra dosage and still prefers their flavor intact, diamonds are going to be the greatest gift. 

Get Ready for Dab Day

There you have it! These are just a few of the best gifts for 7/10 that you can get for a true dabber. National Dab Day is the perfect opportunity to try out something new or enjoy an old favorite. Whatever type of cannabis concentrates you and your friends are into, we hope that this list has helped you out. 

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