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Different types of cannabis edibles

The Best Way to Take Cannabis Edibles

When it comes to cannabis, you have a myriad of options that you could choose. From smoking to vaping, your cannabis journey is your own. One option that’s worth noting is the use of cannabis edibles. What are edibles, exactly? They’re more than just the famous cannabis brownies that you made in college. Edibles are cannabis-infused products that you can ingest orally or sublingually.

Much like cannabis in other forms, edibles come in a variety of flavors, shapes, and forms to suit your taste buds and preferences. Different types of cannabis edibles to choose from include gummies and candies, chocolates, baked goods, drinks, tinctures, and capsules and tablets. Whether you’re new to edibles or looking for a refresher on the innovative types available, this guide will give you a little more insight into the best way to take edibles.

Capsules and Tablets

If you’re looking for a simple, convenient way to consume cannabis, capsules and tablets may be the best option for your needs. Cannabis capsules are classics for a reason. Easily digested, they deliver a precise dosage of cannabis. They are a way to enjoy cannabis without the calories or the need to smoke or eat. These are a great, hassle-free edible for those that are new to cannabis since the dosage of each capsule or tablet is exact. As with other forms of cannabis edibles, capsules and tablets are a discreet, controlled way to consume cannabis. 

Gummies and Candies

Camino cannabis edibles

Gummies and candies are some of the most popular cannabis edibles available. As with any other gummy or candy you can find, these come in a variety of strengths and strains. They also come in a variety of unique flavors like sparkling pear and blueberry hibiscus. Gummies and candies are a fun, easy way to enjoy your cannabis. Don’t like to smoke? Do you have difficulty swallowing capsules? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then gummies and candies might be your best way to take edibles! 

They offer a discreet and simple way to enjoy cannabis with an easy-to-adjust dosage. Keep in mind that you may not feel the effects of your gummies immediately, since they need to be digested and broken down in your body. How long it will take to feel its effects depends on the gummy you choose and your own metabolism. Pick a flavor and enjoy!


If you’re a chocolate lover, there’s a cannabis chocolate out there for you. You can enjoy all of your favorite chocolatey treats like a milk chocolate bar, dark chocolate bar, peanut butter cups, and more with this type of edible. Chocolate edibles provide a way for you to indulge in all of your favorites while enjoying the effects of cannabis. Like gummies and candies, chocolates allow for easy dosage. Simply adjust the amount of your chocolate treat to suit your preferred dose. These edibles are just another reason to love chocolate a little more.

Baked Goods

Perhaps one of the most famous kinds of cannabis edibles are baked goods. Brownies have a valuable history of being baked and used as a cannabis edible. From cookies to brownies and more, baked goods are your dessert and cannabis all in one small package! Like all edibles, you may need to wait a little longer to feel the effects due to the body’s processes and digestion of the edible. For a delicious treat that can be enjoyed easily and discreetly, try out these infused baked goods!


Not one for sweets? Tinctures are highly-concentrated cannabis edibles that are taken orally and quickly absorbed through your mouth or tongue. The choice is yours. You can use cannabis drops using a graduated dropper, use cannabis spray, or go for an elixir you can take on its own or in the beverage of your choice like water or a cup of tea. 

Tinctures are the best way to take edibles if you’re looking for a fast, efficient, low-calorie option. A great option for controlling dosage, tinctures are an exceptional edible for those that do not want to have to smoke or eat to enjoy their cannabis. Plus, they still come in all of the different potencies of cannabis and a variety of flavors that you might want in your cannabis edibles.


Cannabis infused tonic

Cannabis beverages are another edible that is increasingly becoming popular in the cannabis industry. There’s a cannabis-infused drink to suit anyone’s tastes including tonics, teas, and seltzers. If you have dietary restrictions, don’t worry, there are vegan or gluten-free options available. Much like other forms of cannabis edibles, you can enjoy these beverages easily and with discretion. A nice substitute for alcohol (and without the hangover!), cannabis-infused drinks offer a precise dosage of cannabis that can be consumed casually in any setting, social or otherwise. Quench your thirst and your curiosity with this emerging edibles trend.

Besides the range of flavors and tastes, the ratio and potency of cannabis in edibles can vary greatly. Since cannabis edibles have delayed absorption, it may take longer to feel their effects. Keep this in mind with your dosage as to not consume too much. However, edibles may also provide you with longer-lasting effects than smoking or vaping since they get metabolized by the body. 

The world of cannabis is vast. There are various types of cannabis edibles that suit anyone’s needs and tastes. From smoking and vaping to baked goods and tinctures, the way that you choose to enjoy your cannabis is your personal choice. Cannabis edibles are a terrific option for cannabis lovers and those that are new to cannabis alike. An easy, discreet, and portable alternative for the consumption of cannabis, edibles are for everyone. Indulge in a sweet treat, refresh with a beverage, or give a quick spray to enjoy your cannabis. Edibles are more than the famous cannabis-infused brownies that you’ve seen in your favorite movies and shows. There are countless options available for you to explore and choose for yourself. The best way to take edibles is up to you.

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