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  • A new age staple, GMO aka Gm-uhOh aka Garlic Cookies, is a stupid funky cross between Chemdawg and Forum Cookies, known for its incredibly unique terpene profile and soothing high. A mix of garlic, onion, mushroom, and gas, GMO is an indica dominant hybrid that hits just as strong as it smells. GMO is known to help with chronic pain, anxiety and nausea. 

    Cannabiotix's strain specific sauce carts contain 100% sauce and are completely free of any distillate, cutting agents, or artificial terpenes. These carts are created through a 6 week slow purge separation process in which they isolate an extracted strain's Terpene fraction from its cannabinoids. They then combine and homogenize the two fractions together with the goal of creating an artisan vaping experience that delivers a full flower flavor, true to the strain.

$35.00·1/2 Gram Cartridge
Hybrid; Chemdawg x Forum Cookies
510 Thread Vape Cartridge - 1/2 Gram
Garlic, Gas, Onion
Soothing, Sedating, Tranquil
Lab Results:
Free of Pesticides, Mold, and Heavy Metals
100% Cannabis
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