VETCBD - 20:1 CBD:THC Pet Tincture (125mg CBD + 6.25mg THC) (30 ml)
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  • Starter Size Pet Tincture 125mg CBD

  • We haven't yet found a better pet product line-up than those made by VETCBD. We recommend the 20:1 ratio to support joint mobility, aid normal brain function, maintain normal GI health, and to help maintain calmness. It's easy to measure, doctor formulated, and all VETCBD customers are welcome to complimentary support from VETCBD medical professionals.

    Visit VETCBD's calculator to determine the recommended dosage by weight. Our recommendation is always to start with a smaller amount first and increase as needed in 0.25 ml increments to find the dose that provides the desired benefits.

$27.00·30 ml Bottle
Lab Results:
Free of Pesticides, Mold, and Heavy Metals
Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil